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The tittle of this article I like to call AWAKEN. I would like to entertain a discussion on what I call the “human condition” in other words our perception of the world as we see it, and not as it is. We tend to see the world as we are, but due to the limitations of our five sensory system. Our perception is very limited and does not allow us to see life as it is, but as an illusion. When we learn to see life through the lens of our souls thats when we get rid of the illusion. First of all we have to recognize that we are a soul, not a body. Our body is the vehicle that we have chosen in this life time in order to fulfill our lessons and purpose on what we call Earth. We are comprised of three aspects, that been the SOUL,MIND and BODY. All three aspects are equally important and they must work together in order for us to be healthy and successful in life. Lets take it one step further and lets analize the mechanics of this funtion. You can note how I placed the three aspects in order and The SOUL been # 1. it is a nonphysical aspect that which is our true essence. We are made in the image and likeness of GOD, in other words we have the same essence. But we have taken on a massive reduction of power in consciousness, yet the power is as full in our SOUL as it is in GOD. As our SOUL grows in power, in consciousness of self, it becomes larger and more Godlike. This process can happen in a number of life times, Until we have completed our journey here and return to the whole, to reunite with the essence of GOD. Now lets take a look at # 2 our MIND, the second aspect of our being that Which is a nonphysical aspect. Note I said our MIND, not our brain which is physical and can be seen as part of our BODY. Our MIND can be considered as our “higher self”. It is our link between the soul and the body. This is the gate, the key to the kingdom of our SOUL. This is where our network of wires, sort of speak resides. Where INTUITION takes place, a point where information is share between our SOUL and other high energy SOULS. Such as Spiritual guides, None physical Teachers, Guardian angels and higher intelligence. A person that knows them selfs, is a person that it’s in touch with their “higher self”. Now lets take a look at # 3 The Third and last aspect of our being. Our BODY, is an intricate number of systems both a physical system and an energy systems that have a high level of intelligence and work at certain frequencies of energy. Consider our Body to be numerous systems of energy vibrating in sync with our SOUL. Our BODY is the vehicle we have chosen to experience in this life on earth. It is the aspect that we all can see and it serves an important part in the evolution of our soul, it is the mechanism in which our soul experiences physicality, We have chosen a particular body, which will serve the agenda of our SOUL, and that is every aspect of it. whether is male, female, white, hispanic, asian, tall, short, even to the smallest details of the eye color. That is why we are said to be Unique and it doesn’t matter what appearances we have. We are perfect just the way We are….

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