First of all, I like to say thank you for visiting our site, and congratulate you  for taking the first step in your journey to a new you. Welcome to Inner Core Insights, a coaching style where we work from the roots, our main core, the higher self. I strongly believe that within each of us lies a powerful spirit, a spirit of wealth, knowledge, and wisdom. however people settle for living lives that barely scratch the surface of their inner wealth. As we learn to align our body, mind and soul, we begin to tap into our spirit. This is our God center, the deepest part within, a place where we can draw from and manifest the life we are meant to live. We all know that life can be complicated at times and no matter how well we are living. Life will throw us a few fast balls along the way. This fast balls come as events in our lives. This can come as day to day events or more importantly as major life changing events. No one is immune to life events, but we sure can learn to handle life itself a bit better. My name is Edgar and as your coach, I like to extend what has been passed onto me by “life school” I like to share a little about myself. I come from a spanish background, having been born in El Salvador to a loving family of five. I lived most of my adolescent life in a culture where family was my foundation and the road to my humble beginnings. At the age of 14, my family and I were blessed with the opportunity to migrate into this beautiful country Canada, where I currently reside.

Through my transitional years, I have been fortunate enough to experience the many pleasures in life. From family, to career, to relationships, to the material things such as houses, cars, boats, and everything that make our physical lives comfortable. I have been blessed so to speak, even with all this success, life has come with its own challenges. I have not being immune to life’s pains and difficulties. I have also being stripped from all the material wealth I had achieved. Including loss of family, career changes, health, and the most significant of all the loss of my precious Mother. While in the grip of my darkest despair, I experienced a moment of complete surrender, I had nothing else to lose. I realized that in attempting to resist and overcome my pain I was actually reinforcing it. I needed to learn to work with my feelings, not against them. I began to fully embrace myself as whole, that meant my strengths and weaknesses for in there lied my greatest treasure.

Pain is the braking of the shell that encloses our understanding. This single realization led to a lifelong journey of healing, study of the self, and a deeper understanding about the underlying purpose awaiting us at the heart of our darkest moments. During times of challenge, challenge, and conflict we are presented with an opportunity to engage and seek the inner guidance of our spirit, this spirit is what I call insights. Our highest most powerful self, the key to everything we desire to manifest in this life. It is with this single knowing, that we are forever transformed. This was just the beginning for me. I had heard my soul speak for the first time.

This came in the form of an inner knowing, a voice that kept talking and asking me to look deeper at life. This little voice within my soul continued to cry, until it forced me to look deeper at what my soul was trying to communicate. I finally realized that our true happiness does not lie on the material things or on our achievements, but in our selves. The next insights that my soul whispered to me was, your happiness is in your heart and the people around you. Which led me to examined my life a little closer. I have come to realize that all my struggles in life were a result of not knowing who I was, not knowing my essence and purpose in life. I firmly believe that we repeat these learning cycles in life until we actually get to learn the lessons before we can move on. I was walking on shaking grounds from one life experience to the next. Life is about choices, one can take you to a beautiful landscape, while the other can take you through a land of devastation. This choices usually are being made on shaky grounds and the cycle continues until they are finally broken. The single most important things That I have taken from all my life experiences is this. We are the common denominator in every cycle of repeated behavior in our very own lives, and unless we are willing to take control and take charge of the direction of our lives. We will continue to be stuck in this vicious cycles. So here you are , looking for a road map to your life. You’ve been down the same road and you’ve done the same things over and over getting the same results.

Now I invite you to take the biggest journey of your life. the journey within the riches of your soul.