Crown Chakra

The Seventh Chakra
“Crown Chakra”

The seventh chakra is our connection to our spiritual nature and our capacity to allow our spirituality to become an integral part of our physical lives and guide us. While our energy system as a whole is animated by our spirit, the seventh chakra is directly aligned to seek an intimate relationship with the divine. It is the chakra of prayer; it is also our “grace bank account”. It enables us to gain an intensity of internal awareness through meditation and prayer. The seventh chakra represents our connection to the transcendent dimension of life.

Location: Top of the head.

Primary fear: fears relating to spiritual issues such as the “dark night of the soul”, fears of spiritual abandonment, loss of identity, and loss of connection with life and people around us.

Primary strength: Faith in the presence of the divine and in all that faith represents within one’s life, such as inner guidance, insight into healing, and a quality of trust that eclipses ordinary human fears, devotion.

The spiritual lesson of the seventh chakra is related to lessons related to spirituality.

The seventh chakra is the entry point for the human life-force, which pours endlessly into the human energy system, from the universe, from god. This force nourishes the body, the mind and the spirit. It distributes itself throughout the physical body and the lower six chakras, connecting the entire physical body to the seventh chakra. The energy of the seventh chakra influences that of the major body systems: the central nervous system, the muscular system, and the skin. The seventh chakra contains the energy that generates devotion, inspirational and prophetic thoughts, transcendent ideas, and mystical connections. If you have problems with lack of connection to the creator, not aware of your spirituality, rigid in your thinking, unyielding in your beliefs, living in a fantasy world, and difficulty in seeing the view point of others. You could definitely benefit from a cleansing of your crown chakra.