Heart Chakra

The Forth Chakra
“Heart Chakra”

This is the Chakra that is responsible for Emotional Power; it is our central powerhouse of the human energy system. It mediates between the body and spirit and it determines their health and strength. Energy is emotional in nature and helps propel our emotional development. This chakra embodies the spiritual lesson that teaches us how to act out of love and compassion and recognize that the most powerful energy we have is LOVE. This chakra resonates to our emotional perceptions, which determine the quality of our lives far more than our mental perceptions. Energy connection to the emotional/mental body: Heart and circulatory system, ribs, breast, thymus gland, lungs, shoulders, arms and hands.

Location: Center of your chest.

Primary fears: Fear of loneliness, commitment and following of one’s heart. Fear of inability to protect oneself emotionally, fear of emotional weakness and betrayal. Loss of forth chakra energy can give rise to jealousy, bitterness, anger, hatred, and an inability to forgive others as well oneself.

Primary strength: Love, forgiveness, compassion, dedication, inspiration, hope, trust and the ability to heal oneself and others.

The spiritual lesson of the forth chakra is related to Love, forgiveness and compassion.

The forth chakra energies propel us further into spiritual maturity, If you have problems with forgiving, jealousy, inability to protect oneself emotionally, lack of self love, not following your heart desires, loneliness, very little love in your life, trouble receiving from others, distance from love ones, dominating or suffocating others, judgmental of self and others, anxiety , longing and a hard time being in the flow. You could definitely benefit from a cleansing of your Heart chakra.