Root Chakra

The First Chakra
“Root Chakra”


This is the chakra that grounds us to the universe, our group identity. Group willpower, it is our connection to our roots that support our traditional family beliefs. It is a sense of belonging to a group of people in a geographic location. Its energy connection to our physical body is: Spinal column, legs, bones, feet, rectum and immune system. It is the foundation to our emotional and mental health, it manifest in our need for logic, order and structure. The first chakra and all the issues related to it are energetically connected to the health of our immune system.

Location: Base of the spine “at the coccyx “

Primary Fears: Fear of physical survival, loss of physical order and abandonment by group.

Primary strengths: Family/culture identity, bonding, loyalty and a sense of safety and connection to the physical world, All is one.

The spiritual lesson of the first Chakra is related to the material world.

Maintaining the health of our first chakra depends upon addressing our personal family issues at its core. We have been introduced by our families, our cultures into this physical life and therefore have inherited a combination of truths and fictions. The truths is that each action, each belief has a direct consequence to the health of our bodies and our spiritual energies. Getting to the root of your problems and evaluating your core beliefs is a spiritual and biological necessity. If you feel out of balance, lacking in confidence, a sense of disconnection, lack of abundance, poverty consciousness, being fearful, anxiety, insecurity, trust issues, vulnerable, lack of boundaries, survival issues, no courage, restlessness and problem being in present time. You could definitely benefit from a cleansing of your Root chakra.