Sacral Chakra

The Second Chakra
“Sacral Chakra”

This is the chakra that is responsible for our partnerships; its energy begins to pulsate at around the age of seven. With the second chakra the energy shifts from obeying the family authority to discovering other relationships that satisfy personal and physical needs. The second chakra is a powerful force. Its energy connection to the physical body is: Sexual organs, Large intestine, Lower vertebrae, Pelvis, Hip area, appendix, and Bladder. This Chakra resonates to our need for relationships with other people and our need to control to some extent our physical environment. All attachments by which we maintain control over our external lives, such as authority, other people or money, are linked through this chakra to our energy field and onto our physical body. Resulting in illnesses activated by fear of losing control. Such as chronic pain in the lower back, Prostate or ovarian cancer and arthritis are just a few of the more common health problems.

Location: between the Lower abdomen and navel area.
Primary fears: Fear of loss of control, or being control by another, through the dominating power of events or conditions such as addiction, betrayal, financial loss and fear of the loss of power of the physical body to name a few.
Primary strengths: The ability and stamina to survive financially and physically on one’s own and to defend and protect one’s self, Honor One Another.
The spiritual lesson of the Second chakra is related to Sexuality, Work and Physical desire.

Maintaining the health of our second chakra depends upon maintaining a healthy physical self and been able to interact with the world without having to negotiate or “sell” ourselves, it is the energy of self-sufficiency, a survival instinct for being in the world. The second chakra’s energy has an inherent duality, also known as male/female, yin/yang. Understanding the significance of these opposites is the key to working with second chakra issues. While creativity, sexuality, morality and money are all forms of second chakra energy or power, the desire for personal power also needs to be acknowledged. The key for us is not to become “power huggers” but to achieve sufficient internal strength to interact comfortably with the physical world without negotiating away our spirits… If you are feeling powerless, out of control, fearful, unable to fend for yourself, relationship challenges, emotional swings, addictions of any kind, self destructiveness, self-pity, lack luster, depression, lack of joy, block emotions, detachment from people, lack of intimacy, overly emotional, overly attached to others, difficulty being flexible and lack of pleasure. You could definitely benefit from a cleansing of your sacral chakra.