Solar Plexus

The Third Chakra
“Solar Plexus Chakra”

This is the chakra that is responsible for your personal power; it becomes the dominant vibration in our development during puberty. It assists us further in the process of individuation, of forming a personality separate from our inherited identity. This energy center is responsible for the development of personal power and self-esteem. The third chakra completes the physical trilogy of the human energy system. The third chakra, often call the solar plexus, the magnetic core of the personality and ego. Its energy connection to our physical body is: Stomach, pancreas, adrenals, upper intestines, gallbladder, liver, and the middle spine located behind the solar plexus. The energies that come together in this chakra have one spiritual goal: to help us mature in our self understanding. The relationship we have with ourselves, and how we stand on our own and take care of ourselves. The illnesses that originate here are activated by issues related to self- responsibility, self esteem, fear of rejection, and oversensitivity to criticism.

Location: The solar plexus.

Primary fears: Fear of rejection, criticism, looking foolish, and failing to meet one’s responsibilities. All fears related to physical appearance, such as fear of obesity, baldness, or aging. Fear that others will discover our secrets.

Primary Strengths: Self esteem, self respect, self discipline, the ability to generate action, the ability to handle a crisis, the courage to take risks, generosity, ethics and strength of character.

The spiritual lesson of the third chakra is related to the ego, personality and self esteem and honor One-self.

Self-understanding and acceptance, the bond we form with ourselves, is in many ways the most crucial spiritual challenge we face. In truth, if we do not like ourselves, we will be incapable of making healthy decisions. Instead we will direct all our personal power for decision making into the hands of someone else. If you have low self esteem, inability to provide for your own, indecisiveness, lack of focus, insecurity, feeling timid, feeling close off from others, feeling that others control you, problem sticking to your decisions and are always in fear. You could definitely benefit from a cleansing of your Navel chakra.