Third Eye Chakra

The Sixth Chakra
“Brow Chakra”

This is the Chakra that is responsible for our Intuition, our mental and reasoning abilities. The sixth chakra is the “third eye”, the spiritual center in which the interaction of the mind and psyche can lead to intuitive sight and wisdom. This is the chakra of wisdom. The challenges of the sixth chakra are opening the mind, developing an impersonal mind, retrieving one’s power from artificial and “False truths”, learning to act on internal direction and discriminating between thoughts motivated by love and those by fear and illusion. The sixth chakra links us to our mental body, our intelligence and psychological characteristics. The sixth chakra activates the lessons that lead us to wisdom.

Location: Center of the forehead in between your eyes.

Primary fear: An unwillingness to look within and excavate one’s fears, fear of truth when one’s reason is clouded, fear of relying on external counsel, of discipline, fear of one’s shadow side and its attributes.

Primary strengths: Intellectual abilities and skills, evaluation of conscious and unconscious insights, receiving inspiration, generating great acts of creativity and intuitive reasoning, emotional intelligence.

The spiritual lesson of the fifth chakra is related to mind, intuition, insight, and wisdom.

The sixth chakra encourages us to seek only the truth; it compels us to search continually for the difference between truth and illusion. The brain commands the behavior of our physical body, which is our relationship to thought and perception. This energy point is connected to our physical body through the brain and neurological system, pituitary gland, as well as the eyes, ears, and nose. If you have problems with self-doubt, unsure about your intuition, rely on authority figures, rigid beliefs, easily swayed by others, don’t think for yourself, lack of clarity, living in a fantasy world, inability to remember dreams, and your psychic abilities are shut down. You could definitely benefit from a cleansing of your third eye chakra.