Throat Chakra

The Fifth Chakra
“Throat Chakra”

This is the Chakra that is responsible for our Communication, for our will power. The challenge of the “will power” chakra is to progress through the maturation of will, from the family perception that everyone and everything around you has authority over you. Through the perception that you alone have authority over you, to the final perception, that true authority comes from aligning yourself to god’s will. The essence of the fifth chakra is faith alone and since the center of the will is located between the energies of the heart and mind. We need to balance our responses to their urgings. The heart contains all the wisdom and knowledge and like the old saying goes, “reason can win no war against a heartfelt choice “ it is equally important to acknowledge our mind, and have them work in harmony there by speaking the truth under the will of god.
Location: the throat.
Primary fear: Fears related to our will power, fear of having no authority, fear of no power of choice within our own lives.
Primary strengths: Faith, self-knowledge, and personal authority, the capacity to make decisions knowing that no matter what decision we make, we can keep our own words to ourselves and others.
The spiritual lesson of the fifth chakra is related to will and self- expression.
The spiritual energies of the fifth chakras guide us towards speaking the truth, to withhold judgment of another or of oneself. The fifth chakra teaches us how to use our own will, and records the directives we give to our spirits. If you have problems letting others know your truth, having challenges speaking up for yourself, lying to yourself and others, fearful of letting others know what is true for you, not speaking for others in need, dominating others with your words, difficulty really listening to others, unable to express your point of view with clarity. You could definitely benefit from a cleansing of your throat chakra.